TENS Rentals

$75 rental fee includes delivery to your home, a brief consultation by Vanessa Pisias on how to use the unit for your labor and delivery, new pads for your unit, and a pickup from your home after your baby has been born. Contact us to reserve your TENS now.

Rent UK’s top of the line BabyCare Elle TENS!

Specifically designs for laboring women!

Safe for you and the baby!

Chemical and drug free pain relief!

 What is a TENS?

TENS stands for TENS stands for Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation. A TENS unit stimulates nerve endings, in effect, blocking the pain from traveling to your brain. Rather than contraction pain, most women feel a buzzing or a tingling sensation. It’s like a continuous massage that releases more endorphins to help you manage your labor. The electrical stimulation occurs very superficially–on the skin’s surface. It does not reach the baby, therefore it is very safe to use.

Why Should You Use a TENS?

TENS is completely controlled by the mother, giving you the ability to increase or decrease the current according to your needs.  TENS can provide a good option for women who expect to be alone for part or most of labor. TENS does not interfere with your ability to try other comfort measures.  The pads will need to be removed to use the shower or tub, but they can be reapplied after your skin is dry.  TENS can provide pain relief at home, hospital, or birth center.  TENS can be invaluable for women during labor, especially women experiencing painful back labor.